Our DNA carries a fundamental set of values:
Creativity and Audacity.


Created in 1982, in Grasse by perfumers, Expressions Parfumées, a perfume composition house, is inspired by its origins to transmit its know-how in unique creations.

The establishment of our headquarters in the World capital of perfume allows us to participate in the influence of perfumery and to innovate to train the new generation of the Grasse heritage. Our commitment to this region is reflected in the Origine France Garantie label, of which we are proud.

The whole team of Expressions Parfumées pursues this requirement of controlled originality, born of the subtle balance between tradition and innovation.

The world around us is our exceptional palette. We combine nature and chemistry to develop new concepts around our fragrances.
Our job is to create fragrances that convey unexplored emotions, tell unique stories, the kind that make you capsize.

What a wonderful art than creating new Expressions Parfumées.

“What a wonderful art than creating new Expressions Parfumées.”


We are proud of our local roots in the Pays de Grasse and of our creative roots. The development of our production site in Grasse, in the heart of the cradle of perfumery, is a strong choice from this point of view.
We have grown while maintaining our agility, our capacity for innovation and our commitment to people.

Our integration into the Givaudan group in 2018, represents a key milestone in the development of our company internationally and strengthens our offer.


Expressions Parfumées is a perfume composition house at the source of a human adventure, carrying in its DNA a fundamental duo of values: creativity and audacity.
We have a holistic approach to perfume creation: Transparency, Responsibility, Innovation and Balance between chemistry and naturalness are the pillars of our creations.

As Creators of Emotion, we are committed to offering you unique and original creations that convey unexplored emotions.

Certifications, proofs of our commitment

  • Origine France Garantie

    Expressions Parfumées is the first perfume composition company to have obtained this certification issued by Bureau Veritas, for its perfumery activities. This reflects our desire to promote our heritage in Grasse and our know-how as a French company while maintaining an international vision.

  • COSMOS Certification

    Expressions Parfumées is a pioneer company certified COSMOS in the field of perfumery. This certification allows us to offer perfumed compositions that can be used in the formulas of certified cosmetics (Ecocert and COSMOS) and detergents.

  • ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018

    We are certified for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.
    We ensure the quality of our productions, their compliance with regulations. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to the environment, health, and safety of our employees.

  • Pioneer in the EVE VEGAN certification

    Our manufacturing site based in Grasse has obtained the EVE VEGAN certification.
    This label is considered one of the most demanding in the industry. It is a marker of transparency that attests the control of products by an independent organization.

  • RSPO

    RSPO member number: 2-0225-11-000-00
    We are RSPO “Mass Balance” certified.
    This is a strong commitment to sustainable development. This implies the use of raw materials derived from RSPO Certified palm oil only.

  • Halal

    Our manufacturing site based in Grasse can produce references that comply with HALAL requirements.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

    The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for cosmetic ingredients, adds credibility to our system. The GMP standard is now part of our overall continuous improvement program.


All our products are manufactured at our historic site in Grasse, where a large part of our creative teams and support services are located.
To be as close as possible to our customers, we have set up subsidiaries in strategic areas. These sites work in close collaboration with the Grasse headquarters.
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