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Expressions Parfumées has been committed for many years to making sustainable development, and especially the 10 major principles of the United Nations Global Compact, a structuring element of the company’s strategy.

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    « Our pathway to responsible growth »

    Our policy for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethical Practices charts a development path that integrates all the action and measures taken within the company and constitutes an appropriate response to the expectations of our stakeholders.

    This policy includes:

    • the aspects of our integrated management system
    • our CSR roadmap based on ISO 26000 guidelines
    • adherence to the principles of the Global Compact
    • The Principles of Conduct adopted by our parent company Givaudan
    • Givaudan Purpose: “Creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature. Let’s imagine together“ and the multiannual objectives resulting therefrom

    Through this integrated management system, Expressions Parfumées seeks to guarantee customer satisfaction in all circumstances and ensure that its perfume formulas comply with all applicable regulations, while also providing its employees with good working conditions and a suitable environment.

    Social responsibility is at the heart of our strategy. We pledge to offer our customers high-quality products that are increasingly respectful of the environment, as we pursue our quest for innovation and environmentally friendly practices at every stage of the life cycle of our products.

    The 15 principles of our policy for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethical Practices have been reviewed and adopted by the company’s executive management, and constitute our pathway to responsible growth:

    1. Ensure responsible governance that fully respects human rights.
    2. Deploy the resources and measures that needs to address internal and external issues that have been identified, and in this way respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders.
    3. Adapt to rapid market evolution, whether related to regulations, economic conditions, material, human or financial resources, in order to pursue the objective of developing Expressions Parfumées and its activity globally. Integrate specific certifications/labels to adapt to our customers’ cultures, trends and requirements (ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE, HALAL, VEGAN, RSPO, COSMOS, GMP for Cosmetic Ingredients).
    4. Faithfully follow at all times the regulations that apply to our activities and continually aim for compliance with regard to our products, the health and safety of our employees, and protection of the environment.
    5. Lower our costs related to poor quality, environmental impacts and work accidents, reduce our risks and constantly improve our performance and our internal organization, by instituting Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, Ethical Practices and Sustainable Development as the criteria of progress for our company.
    6. Ensure the health and safety of our employees and provide working conditions that are conducive to their personal development.
    7. Ensure that the manufacture results of raw materials with the appropriate quality characteristics as originally intended and ensure the integrity, homogeneity, and prevention of contamination of the products, whilst securing our processes with appropriate records.
    8. Create a work environment conducive to social dialogue, integration and respect for diversity and equality.
    9. Protect the environment and our employees by reducing our impact, by adopting a strategy of sobriety in our consumption, by anticipating all risks of pollution, by developing a culture of risk prevention in order to tend to the elimination of the dangers inherent in our activity. Our approach is based on the consultation and active participation of our employees and their representatives.
    10. Reduce our carbon footprint, compensate for our residual greenhouse gas emissions by investment in specific projects, and augment our resilience and capacity to face climate change.
    11. Work closely with outside suppliers and service providers to ensure the excellence of our products and full compliance with our environmental, social and ethical standards across our entire value chain, and reinforce the traceability of our activity.
    12. Continually innovate to give our customers dependable and sustainable “perfume solutions”, via ongoing investment in research and development, and in this way position Expressions Parfumées as a leading innovator in our sector of activity.
    13. Maintain our track record in terms of product design and manufacture on which our reputation is built, supported by the know-how and expertise of our staff, as well as our equipment, premises and industrial investments.
    14. Adhere to Principles of Conduct and the fundamental rules instituted to prevent corruption, regulate corporate gift-giving and entertainment perquisites, to prevent unfair competition, insider trading and conflicts of interest, and comply with standards pertaining to corporate donations, sponsorship and lobbying, and generally speaking all norms of ethical behavior.
    15. Contribute to creation of value that is share across the territories and the communities where we work.

    The Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethical Practices policy concerns all employees who work for the company. To follow and apply this policy all employees must be involved in a constant search for efficacy, continual improvement and satisfaction of partners, both in-house and outside the company.

    A set of objectives and indicators has been drawn up for the purpose of tracking the company’s performance in terms of Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethical Practices. The executive management of Expressions Parfumées pledges to publish these objectives and information on progress indicators annually, and to provide the means and resources needed to attain these objectives.

    Each member of our staff has a role to play to help achieve these performance objectives, and to make Expressions Parfumées a responsible, stable and leading company in the world perfume industry.

    Christophe Marin, Executive President
    February 13th, 2023

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    Inclusivity & Employment

    We have strong values and have built our development on the know-how of our teams. The sustained growth of our activity is therefore supported by the creation of qualified jobs in France and abroad. The integration of employees in their diversity and their development is one of our priorities. This contributes to the strong identity of our company.

    An agreement for the employment of disabled workers has been signed.
    It includes several measures such as assistance in obtaining or renewing the RQDW (Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Worker), maintaining the employment of disabled people, adapting workstations and recruiting, in particular by using specialized recruitment partnerships.

    Gender equality

    Expressions Parfumées is strongly committed to gender equality, with the aim of offering identical professional conditions and development opportunities.

    2022 GENDER EQUALITY INDEX: 99/100

    Passing on our know-how

    Expressions Parfumées is committed to welcoming and training interns and trainees within its teams. We are proud to contribute to the apprenticeship and training of young talents, while preparing the future of Expressions Parfumées.

    Expressions Parfumées obtained a score of 4.27/5 in the HappyIndex® Trainees in 2022. This score allowed us to be ranked in the Top 10 companies in our category (companies with 11 to 19 trainees and alternating students).

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    CSR is at the heart of our integrated management system with a holistic approach based on the ISO 26000 guidelines. We are committed to the United Nations GLOBAL COMPACT corporate responsibility initiative with our corporate policy “Our pathway to responsible growth”. As part of our strategy, we share information with our stakeholders and are members of Ecovadis & Sedex.

    We have been rated PLATINUM by Ecovadis for several years. This exceptional score is the result of the commitment of all our employees, placing Expressions Parfumées in the top 1% of all companies evaluated for their sustainability performance.

    Our sustainable development policy is part of our contribution to global carbon neutrality. This is why we are committed to EcoTree to capture an average of 260 tons of CO2 from 2022 in the Langonnet forest (56), a program on French territory.

    Expressions Parfumées also contributes to the energy transition and the development of renewable energies by using 100% green electricity. A mobility plan has been put in place to reduce the carbon footprint of employees’ commuting to work.

    Expressions Parfumées has set up a program to reduce plastics, including a process to replace single-use plastics and to find more environmentally friendly alternatives.
    Expressions Parfumées employees are made aware of the need to reduce waste. A waste sorting system is in place, along with an on-site composter.


    Recycling rate at
    Expressions Parfumées

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    As a company of perfumers, we have a major role to play in the creation of perfume today, and for the future. We are developing a global approach to more responsible sourcing, continuous improvement of our creative process and evaluation of our practices.

    This is why Expressions Parfumées has created the Conscious program as of 2019. It consists of a collaborative approach around the major changes in consumer habits and the rise of awareness to prepare the world of tomorrow.

    The creation of perfume is like a bridge that connects nature culture & people

    We take a holistic approach to creating fragrances that reflect a true sense of emotion and integrate organically with clean and/or natural products. Sustainability and people’s well-being are at the core of our program.
    Our approach is based on transparency, responsible innovation and a balance between chemistry and naturalness to create responsible fragrances.

    One of the pillars of this program is our Conscious Index, a continuous improvement tool for our company bringing a new environmental and societal dimension to fragrance formulation. From the raw material to the fragrance compound, this tool considers different criteria related to the entire life cycle of the formula.

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    As part of our corporate and creative program, Conscious, we have created the Raw Materials Sustainable Selection. This is a responsible sourcing process involving the selection and evaluation of our raw materials suppliers.

    Sustainable creation begins with responsible sourcing

    Our Purchasing, Fragrance Creation and Marketing/Innovation departments work together to find and evaluate new responsible raw materials in order to establish sustainable links with producers strongly committed to social and environmental actions.
    The final choices are validated by our team of Perfumers to ensure the best selection in terms of creation.
    This orientation framework allows us to better inform our clients on the origin of our materials and the commitments of our suppliers.

    UPCYCLING selection

    In line with our responsible sourcing and creation approach, we have also developed the “Raw Materials Upcycling Selection”. These raw materials are made up of co-products or waste from various sectors such as the food industry.

    Upcycled ingredients are said to bring new olfactory facets to the perfume, more complex and intense. This selection aims to broaden the palette of our perfumers and help our clients meet their commitment to sustainability.

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    The territorial anchorage in the Pays de Grasse is a real marker. We are therefore committed to developing actions with local communities to contribute to the development of the perfume industry in Grasse.

    Discover our various initiatives in our CSR Report.

    We are members of:


    The Grasse ExpertiseTM association promotes the attractiveness and sustainable economic development of the Grasse region. It gathers the local actors of the perfume industry.


    The Prodarom union represents the national industry of manufacturers of ingredients and compositions for the perfume industry. It ensures the defense of the interests of the professionals at the national, European and international levels, in particular with the IFRA association.

Our CSR report