The best perfume innovations

Beyond creativity, our role is to propose the best perfume innovations so that our customers’ products stand out, whatever the application.


The Research & Innovation department and the creative teams are committed to a responsible R&D program. The innovations and products meet environmental, health, ethical and social requirements.

Our membership of a leading international group also allows us to benefit from technological platforms broadening our offer and reinforcing the CSR dimension in the creation of our fragrances.

“Innovation driven
by our CSR commitments”


Our AQUACO® perfumes are micro-emulsified in water, alcohol-free and highly concentrated. An innovation that suits all perfumes without modifying their olfactory profile.

The AQUACOBOOST® version is a concentrated fragrance composition that includes the dilution of the fragrance technology at 35% in 65% water. You can then choose your preservative system and anti-foaming agent (for easy packaging).
AQUA NATCO® is the First innovative solubilization system approved by COSMOS. It allows to formulate a perfectly clear alcohol-free solution with a high dosage of any fragrance.

This technology is also available in the AQUABOOST NATCO® version, a concentrated perfume compound to be diluted at 30% in water for a final dosage of 10% perfume.


Our ODOURCO® technology changes the perception of unpleasant odours, replacing it with pleasant scents that transport you to feelings of comfort and well-being.

ODOUR NATCO® is a highly effective technology of 100% natural origin, to be integrated in all your perfumes to reduce the perception of bad smells.


Our TIMECO® active technology extends the fragrance experience to provide long-lasting freshness and effectiveness in many product categories. The “active fragrance” contained in the microcapsules is independent of the rest of the product, providing a long-lasting fragrance experience.


You are looking for new textures & sensory experiences?
TOUCHCO® is a different and innovative way to apply fragrance to the skin, with a texture that provides an amazingly soft and silky sensation.

Its natural version, TOUCH NATCO®, is a new and very trendy “perfuming gesture” around nomadic products and new sensorial experiences, in the natural way.


To anticipate the rise in the quest for well-being through fragrance, we have developed a dedicated platform. Our WELLNESS platform includes several technologies based on a fragrance design tool. It allows our perfumers to create compositions enhancing well-being by highlighting ingredients with scientifically proven benefits.