Our “Savoir-faire” to serve your businesses

Our teams of experts combine multiple experiences to offer the best for our clients. We decipher trends to inspire our creative teams and our clients. Design, fashion, art, digital, everything is analyzed to anticipate Tomorrow’s desires and shake up our fragrant world.

As a member of the Givaudan group since 2018, we benefit from an outstanding raw materials and technological support.


At the heart of the creative process is a team of perfumers with different olfactory personalities. They are the driving force behind innovation and customized solutions. This consists of creating the overall olfactory scenario that will meet our clients’ projects, imagining the entire creation and making creative and daring proposals.

This constant search for new formulas and the in-depth knowledge of raw materials constantly consolidates our expertise in fragrances.

“Anticipate tomorrow’s desires
and shake up our frangrant world”


We attach great importance to listening to consumers worldwide. Heard and considered in all prospective approaches, they are the key axis of the creative mission of our teams. It is with them and for them that the perfumers compose the fragrances of tomorrow.


We have the know-how and technological experience necessary to accompany all industries in the design of a perfume. Light or powerful, vaporous, or contrasting, all formulas are possible, in accordance with the technical characteristics of the product, its design, its texture or its visual aspect.
Our expert technicians can provide innovative ideas to enhance everyday life.
Each perfume is developed and produced with the greatest concern for quality and traceability.

  • Fine Fragrance

    Sophisticated, Natural, Modern, Classic or Atypical, each fragrance adds the final touch to the person wearing it. Our perfumers compose perfumes that echo the brands that enhance them. They are always attentive to our clients’ needs so that each creation is the true signature scent of their brand.

  • Personal Care

    A market in perpetual motion and constantly reinventing itself, in all types of applications. Our perfumers compose with precision, adjusting their creations between hedonism, regulatory control, support stability and innovation.
    Whatever the type of application, cosmetic, solid or liquid product, our creative teams meet the precise needs of each one in order to guarantee the best quality and reinforce the image of the brands that trust us.

  • Home Fragrance & Home Care

    The home, a true haven of peace and a reflection of our personalities, deserves the best olfactory signature. Fragrances must therefore bring a strong imagination to formulations that are often very technical. This is the art and mastery of our perfumers dedicated to these categories, which require an extensive expertise.


With our NATCO® perfumes, we have a recognized expertise in the natural perfume sector. NATCO® is a range of perfumes made from 100% natural ingredients.

A creative & sophisticated palette of fragrances that can be adapted to any production labelled “Natural” & “Organic” while respecting its regulatory constraints.

The creative teams at Expressions Parfumées explore all facets of naturalness to constantly develop new, creative, and seductive NATCO® fragrance concepts.