Shaping the perfume of everyday life

Everyday life is made of a thousand gestures that intersect the paths of perfumes. Thousands of products are used in homes all around the world to clean, maintain, renovate. Fragrances gently accompany the use of these familiar formulas.

Air & home care

Care for the home

For everyday life, a perfume must inspire confidence and meet the consumer’s expectations for the product: freshness, cleanliness, guarantee, lightness, comfort, well-being. All these concepts can be translated by specific fragrances, which stimulate the imagination of the individual and awaken his senses. It is a facet of paramount importance in the emotional perception of the quality of a product. Contributing in this way to the success of a creation is our pride!

Air & home care

Accompanying all the innovations

Consumers have needs that fluctuate according to the products they use and the different stages of their own life. Innovating means meeting all the challenges of these new markets that regularly emerge in all industries. We have all the technology and experience necessary to accompany all the industries in the design of a perfume. Light or powerful, vaporous or contrasted, all formulas are possible, according to the physical characteristics of the product, its design, its texture or its visual aspect. The sectors of detergents and B2B industrial products are an integral part of this specialized expertise. The technical requirements of these specific sectors are totally in tune with the level of excellence that we adopt for all the profiles of our clients.

In tune with the trends

For a brand in the "home care” field, renewing itself is a strategic priority in order to be visible by the consumers. Surprising the final client is the mission that we achieve for all the projects that we develop. Our analysis and constant outlook for the new market trends is the key to our creative strategy.

We also apply this strategic lookout approach to perceive the main lines of the future scents that will accompany the consumers tomorrow. They are at the same time subtle, present and discreet, designed to seem familiar from the first use.

Air & home care

Our perfumers, evaluators and R&D teams provide concrete olfactory solutions to all issues, no matter what the texture or the final use of the substance to be perfumed. They are expert technicians who are able to produce innovative ideas that sublimate our everyday life. Whether in air care, in household products or in professional applications, the challenge is met!