Our environmental commitment

Nature is one of the main sources of well-being, and for our company’s projects it is also the source of all the creations. We are aware of the environmental impact of our activities, and have therefore integrated sustainable development and social responsibility at the heart of our strategy.

Committed to excellence

In the framework of our Environmental Management System (EMS), we are committed through strong actions of waste management and energy savings because we have a responsibility towards the future generations.

The environment, the security and safety of our employees on our sites is one of our priorities. We pay close attention to the choice of the raw materials that are the least harmful for our teams and for the consumer.

Resources: protect by nature

We select our natural raw materials with great care to ensure their traceability and their compliance with all the environmental standards.

Committed to excellence

Waste recycling

94,54% for the First half of 2019

Expressions Parfumées constantly needs to work with nature and this is why our teams are very careful in their use of the raw materials that they handle on a daily basis. These are recycled by numerous good practices, such as partial or total recycling. We currently recycle 94,54% of our waste!

Energy consumption

Optimizing our production flows and realising energy-efficient manufacturing processes is a priority. For the benefit of all, and in the first place of our clients who thus benefit from adjusted costs in the elaboration of the formulas. The energy used on our production chains fits into the global procedure of manufacturing process optimisation, which is studied to be as functional as possible.

Our technical teams on the site are sensitised to energy management issues and regularly trained in this perspective. The company therefore adapts its activity to the entire scale of the various practices.

Committed to excellence

Reducing the environmental impact

Expressions Parfumées makes every effort to drastically reduce the impact of its facilities on the natural surroundings. Our ornamental garden in Grasse is much more than a symbol, it is the expression of the company’s entire ecological policy. The idea of living in harmony with nature is a capital value for us and the source of a strong commitment.

Other initiatives are being set up, such as:

  • The implementation of an ecological management of the printing supplies used by our IT service. Everything is recycled to be reused.
  • All our marketing documentation is printed on recycled paper, which is recyclable, made in France, and Reach and Ecolabel certified.
  • We also support sustainable development by favouring organic and fair-trade work clothing certified by the NGO Flo Cert. Our coats, for example, are made of organic and fair-trade cotton and bear the label Fair Trade / Max Havelaar.


The company Expressions Parfumées develops its activities based on three major pillars including Quality, Health-Safety and Environment. With this approach, we have implemented an integrated management system in order to ensure customer satisfaction, legal compliance, good working conditions and a suitable working environment. We are also engaged to protect our environment and propose environmentally-friendly products to our customers. 
Thereby, Expressions Parfumées is committed to respond to the following lines: 

-    1/ Deploy the resources and actions needed to address internal and external challenges and therefore meet stakeholder’s expectations.

-    2/ Work closely with our external suppliers in order to guarantee the excellence of our products, compliance with environmental requirements and safe working conditions. 

-     3 / Adapt to the market evolutions in terms of legal, economic, technology, material, human resources, and financial aspects in order to develop our worldwide business. 

-     4 / Respect regulatory compliance and continuously seek to upgrade our standard in terms of products, health and safety of our employees and environmental protection. 

-     5 / Continuously innovate by investing in research and development in order to place Expressions Parfumées as an innovative company and therefore competitive for the perfume industry.

-     6 / Reduce our non-quality costs, environmental impacts, work accidents, risks and constantly seek to improve our performance and internal organization through our integrated management system. 

-     7 / Invest into carbon offsetting in order to maintain our carbon neutrality. 

-     8 / Maintain our concept and production deadlines which have contributed to the renown of our company by taking advantage of our savoir-faire and our industrial technology. 

-     9 / Control accidental pollution by developing a culture of risk prevention and seek to remove majors risks in order to limit our environmental impact and protect our employees. This requires consulting and involving our employees and their representatives. 

This policy requires the involvement of all staff members in order to be respected and applied in a constant manner to achieve efficiency, continuous improvement and global satisfaction. The company’s management is responsible for communicating objectives in terms of Quality, Health Safety and Environment and giving the necessary resources to achieve them. 

Every single one of us is concerned and must be involve in the achievement of our objectives and the effectiveness of our integrated management system to enable Expression Parfumées to be a major, lasting and worldwide actor in the perfume industry. Christophe MARIN - President

Committed to excellence

ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 Certifications (certification for the Grasse Headquarter only)

These certifications (certification of the Grasse headquarter only) guarantee the quality of our productions and their compliance with the regulatory requirements. These measures are also the guarantee of the company’s engagement for a continuous improvement of its productions but also its commitment to the environment protection. A qualitative guarantee which includes perfume manufacturing processes in the respect of the environment.