Planning our common future

« The Expressions Parfumées adventure is first of all a project that is supported by the conviction of men and women of talent. We imagine the perfumes of tomorrow together, with a solid experience in the field, close to your realities. »

Christophe Marin - Président

Management team

Since the creation of Expressions Parfumées by its founders, a passion for perfume has been the source of all our ambitions. The creators originate from the perfumery world, and are first of all inspired "noses" who like to share their aspirations in the field of fragrances. They pay close attention to the highest requirements of the sector, they know where they are going and have all the necessary tools to carry out their strategy. Collaborators in charge of both creation and production, surrounded by a reliable team that is experienced in the most flexible approaches, are the guarantors of your success.


Offering everyone the framework to develop their creativity, anticipating and predicting future orientations, ensuring the sustainability of our requirements, following the requests of our clients. All these are the missions that our managerial team is engaged in daily, for the proper functioning of the company and in order to entirely fulfil the expectations of its clients.

The coordination of the creative and functional teams is also an important investment for the management of our international facilities: Dubai, Milan, Bangkok, Barcelona, Istanbul, Warsaw. In all the fields, at all moments.

A leading company that is labelled for its quality

Expressions Parfumées is an ECOCERT certified pioneer company in the field of natural perfumery and is also labelled "French Origin Guaranteed”, thus placing itself as the only perfume composition house to have obtained this label. It also has the ISO 9001-2015 certification, which guarantees the quality of our productions and their perfect compliance with the regulatory standards.