NATCO® Perfumes: natural innovation

Expressions Parfumées is a pioneer in the development of ECOCERT certified perfumes. That is why we have developed NATCO®, our range of perfumes intended for the organic market.

Natco® Perfumes

NATCO® (NATural COmpounds) perfumes are designed to adapt to any production labelled "organic" in compliance with the regulatory constraints. This major innovation accompanies the emergence of a market which is becoming increasingly important in the world of cosmetics and perfume in general. That is why we are pursuing this approach and we stand out in this field.

Expressions Parfumées has a recognised expertise in the field of organic perfumes.

NATCO® perfumes offer our clients a creative palette, with a high level of sophistication. The sourcing of natural raw materials from the best cultivations worldwide is strict.
Ingredients of excellence are what allows us to create the most beautiful perfumes.